We help companies deploy and strengthen User and Access Governance powered with an AI.

We support organizations in defining and implementing their governance strategy, supported with an AI, and during the deployment of processes.


Nous aidons les entreprises à déployer et à renforcer une Gouvernance des Identités et des Accès supportée par une IA.

They can focus in the short term on what matters: the flexibility of their structures, their performance in terms of mobilization of resources, a higher level of regulatory compliance, an effective operational risk management...

Analytics performed with an AI

Our solution self-configures itself within minutes. Our IA analyzes the scopes of responsibilities to detect and optimize all the user profiles and entitlements.

CISOs, internal auditors, managers and team managers visualize the assessment just after the integration phase.

Subscription of AI services

Our business model is based on an IA service subscription per employee per month for all ArmadAI Governance services: profile detection and simulation, provisioning and access requests, access review, indicator tables and supervision...

Integration into your IAM solutions

We are experts in identity and access management solutions. We can help to deploy user profiles into your provisioning and access control solutions. You can preserve your investments and speed-up their deployment.

Additionnal services

Our solution also consumes business services developed specifically to support and secure operational needs: medical diagnostics and data access restriction, analysis of synergies between potential partners and setting up Chinese walls, identification of weak signals and predictive maintenance of components ...