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20 years of experience in Identity and Access Governance
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Au sujet d'ArmadAI

Tout simplement les premiers dans le segment de l'identity Analytics à proposer de l'IA

Prepare for the next 10 years
There are requirements about yesterday, today and tomorrow

Née dans le secteur de l'IAM et des PCA depuis leurs origines avec une nouvelle approche alimentée avec l'IA.

Yesterday's goal was to deploy Identity and Access Governance using roles to simplify provisioning and access reviews.

The promises then were not kept.

The one that prevails in times of crisis is to support access management in crisis situations while avoiding expanding the attack surface.

But beyond these aspects, there is a context of economic war, recession and Digital Sovereignty in which strategic information, negotiations, customer data, research and development, patents ... are targeted by fraudsters, hackers and states.

ArmadAI is the first company on the market to support these three dimensions of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Management team​

Our management team has several decades of experience in the areas of information systems, IAM, CIAM, BCP and AI acquired in CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies.​

Dimitri Nokovitch

Chairman and CEO​

Demonstrating mix of IGA/ai vision, marketing and business, Dimitri Nokovitch has 20 years of experience as director of consulting services, solution architect and designer. As CEO of ArmadAI, Dimitri has worked with dozens of organizations in Europe and North America since Year 2000 to improve their IAM and compliance postures. Dimitri was nominee to the Manning Innovation Awards in 2018 and to the Banking Cyber Security Innovation Awards in 2019 for bringing an innovative solution to an issue that remained unsolved for the last 15 years.​

Lydia Monnet

Vice-President – Finance and Marketing - Executive MBA​

As the Vice-President of Finance and Marketing, Lydia Monnet has 15 years of experience in management and administration of finance and marketing gained in France and in Canada.​She also gained experience in the IAM sphere as business analyst and consultant at former Banyan Systems, a company dedicated to network technology and access management.

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