Implement a Governance of
Access to Secrecy

Combine Cyber profiles with experts in Secret management.

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An extraordinary support offer
Blacksearch experts coming from the armed forces, the Gendarmerie and intelligence services, augmented by AI.

Blacksearch is our entity dedicated to the “Secret Governance” consulting.

  • Our specialists have a sensitivity, training and relevant experience about the protection of the vital interests of the Nation, companies, human and material resources.
  • They will be able to help you define research criteria about vital records and key custodians, to be protected as a priority against all types of threats.
  • They will bring an enlightened look at how to exploit the information produced by our AI, without compromising your secrets.
  • They will highlight the risks of compromising sensitive information, its custodians and their IT access.
  • They will help you design and implement a Governance of Secrecy to which the day-to-day management of IT Identities and Access must be aligned.
  • They will be supported by cybersecurity experts to implement all the necessary organizational and technological measures.
  • They will intervene to carry out regular audits of your situation and to support you if necessary to resolve unforeseen situations.

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