What are you going to save?

Millions on the cost of data theft and on securing your IT access.

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Why is it so profitable?

ArmadAI has been "ROI Oriented" since its origins and allows a very rapid return on investment.

According to its scope of coverage, ArmadAI covers the majority of the secrets hidden there and their custodians.

And not just a subject exposed to Fraud or Hacking.

In itself this protected perimeter is likely to escape several times 4 or 5 million which would be the financial consequence of a theft.

But first, ArmadAI detects all the business and user profiles of your global IS.

Such a goal is long, arduous and often impossible to achieve in multinational organizations.

Our solution dlivers the results expected from such projects, which typically cost more than a data breach.

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Finally, with its simulation capabilities, ArmadAI also detects the profiles that can be used in a crisis situation.

In the end, with the same automated and fast approach, you save on 3 dimensions:

  • Management of Secrecy and the Need to Know,
  • Access management in current situation,
  • Management in exceptional situations.

ArmadAI is "ROI oriented" and will allow you to gain on all these tables.

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