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Groupe Financier français avec 20 filiales, 45 métiers, 1100 entités organisationnelles et 17 000 collaborateurs

2 minutes pour l'auto-configuration
1h et 30 minutes pour la détection de profils supportant les situations quotidiennes, de continuité des activité et de désastre.

Temps estimé pour obtenir des résultats moindres avec les outils classiques de Role Mining :
1,5 heure * 1100 UO = 1650 heures-homme, 206 jours-hommes, 10 mois.

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Without delay, reach the ultimate stage of IT Access Governance

ArmadAI is quickly rising to the challenge of supporting the so-called "Need to Know" principle.

Our innovative approach gives a comprehensive result regarding your secrets, custodians with legitimate and potentially illegitimate authorizations.

A few hours after the data consolidation, it will provide assessement of secrets, custodians, entitlements that you can confirm or revoke with global or detailed approaches depending on the case.

Profiling custodians and their access will allow you to automate Need-To-Have management by extending the use of your current Identity and Access Management solution.

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ArmadAI self-configures and generates swarms dynamically into the Cloud.

​Forget long projects of implementation and parametrization. Get results right after data consolidation.

ArmadAI meets your challenges in hours rather than months or years with traditional approaches.

Dozens of agents simultaneously detect and analyze your context at incredible speed.

ArmadAI simplifies Identity and Access Governance with hundreds of virtual experts.

Swarms of agents apply Deep-Knowldge and avant-garde vision to get right to the point.

ArmadAI provides clear explanations to managers to speed up their decision-making.

“Deep Knowledge” means integrating expertise into an algorithm rather than self-learning by an AI ultimately unable to explain its decisions to an auditor.

Fulfill the initial promise of classic Access Governance within the same timeframe

The Governance of Identities and Access proposes to support the following principles:

"Need to Have" aligned with the so-called "Least Privilege" principle,
"Need to Know" which arises from the first while being more precise and more complex in terms of management.

But the first stage has been a broken promise for the past 15 years for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the second remains a long-term perspective, except in organizations where the Need to Know is required.

ArmadAI detects all user profiles in your Global Information System within a short time. These profiles are used to dynamically define packages of resources and authorizations to be granted to new employees or in the event of a change.

Perfectly aligned with the principles of Identity and Access Governance and leveraging past approvals from managers and system owners, they can be deployed quickly and provide answers that are always timely.

An acceleration of the order of several years compared to the classic approach.

Integrate a little-known but topical dimension

ArmadAI covers Identity and Access Governance in a situation of continuity and major crisis.

This poor cousin was neglected before the Pandemic, which led many organizations to be caught off guard at the start of the first lockdown.

They then mobilized their administration teams in an emergency to support the need for extended access to be able to support their activities in a situation of continuity and disaster.

ArmadAI's simulation features covered such a need since its inception.

We suggest that you accelerate the support of crisis situations at the same time as that of current situations and Secret management.

Your provisioning processes

Your processes for provisioning resources and assets are more efficient as they manage packages of systems and access rights.

Otherwise, they involve managing multiple approval requests and periodic access reviews that are as costly as they are laborious.

With ArmadAI you will be able to accelerate your operational organization with reinforced processes applicable:

In day-to-day situation,
In a crisis situations,
Protecting your secrets.

The optimal operating stage of your tools

The solutions that you have acquired over the years generally require user roles and in all cases support basic request processes.

The previous point will allow you to provide them with what they need so that you get the most out of them.

But they will also be able to consume ArmadAI APIs during each provisioning operation by roles or by unit request.

These APIs will make it possible to know whether the provisioning operation relates to a confidential dimension which, if applicable, requires an additional approval step from the Governance of Secrecy.

In conclusion, whether it is for the 99% of current accesses or for the 1% which falls under the Secret, you will be able to make the most of your previous investments.

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